Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Six Rep Max Day 2–Legs

All weekend I thought I was going to PD last night.  When Carley arrived at work I said ‘Her, ready for COP tonight?’  She looked at me like I was stupid and said ‘That’s on Wednesdays.’ Oh right!  So now I had an evening where I knew Amber had PD to do, I had nothing, and Wednesday was now a bust for working out.  I decided that I would head off to the gym and do my Leg day for the six rep max.

Here is the program:


I start was not so bad the pull downs and the step over push-ups were not too bad though I started doing the pull downs at 57.5 pounds and had to go to 50 so I could complete it.  If I was doing it like regular lat pull downs I would have been at like 120, but doing this with only the shoulder power of having your arms extended all the way is hard.

I was a bit shocked at the weight I used for the leg press!  I did this one on the seated thingy at the gym.  You still put on the weights like for a barbell, but it’s got rails and everything, I’m not sure how much the thing weighs without weights, but since an Olympic bar comes in at about 40 pounds, I would guess that this is about the same.  Eventually I had four plates on either side – 360 pounds – and that was my max!  So probably close to 400, but since I don’t know for sure, 360+bar is what goes in the book.

The worst thing by far is the split squats.  If anyone tells you that doing split squats is a fun way to spend ten minutes or so at the gym, punch them right in the face.  You can tell them that I said that was ok.  To be fair Jodi told me it would suck, and she was not lying.  It wasn’t so bad until I decided that I had to do the amount I thought I could and here’s why.  I had already done 50 and 90 pounds (plus the bar – this was on the smith machine) and was half way through putting on some more weights to have 140 pounds on there when Jodi came by gathering stuff for a class she was about to run.  I quickly got her attention and asked a couple questions and then got back under the bar and did six reps in each lunging stance – knee coming to the floor. ‘Ah yes I thought, 140 plus the bar, not too shabby!’ Then started to take the weights off and noticed that I had only done 115.  Well! Nuts to that, and I put the weights back on plus the 25 extra to be at 140 and did it again.  I nearly died, it was so hard.  But I did it.  As soon as I put the machine on the stoppers though I thought my head was going to come off.  The pain in my neck was INTENSE!!  It hurt sooooo bad.  I don’t know if I was contracting muscles there to do the thing, or the bar was resting on the wrong spot on my shoulders or what but, I was nearly in tears and working my neck with one hand as I leaned on the machine with the other for a good two minutes or so. 

I finished with the circuit Jodi had laid out  but used a 15 pound dumbbell instead of a medicine ball because the class she was doing was using every medicine ball in the whole gym!  I have to get better at skipping! Especially when I and run down, because I know I looked like a tool for each of those three, two minute parts of the circuit!

OOOOHHH Oops, just writing down these titles here I realized I did one whole exercise wrong.  I Did calf curls, when I was supposed to do calf raises!  Oops!

Six Rep Max for Legs:

Leg Press: 360 + bar

Split Squats: 140 + bar

Calf Curls: 105 – I’ll have to get the number for Calf raise next time I’m at the gym!

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