Friday, November 2, 2012

Yesterday Was Another Assessment Day

After the incident with the Wal-Mart bought scale and my increasing weight I thought it best to get another fitness assessment done.  Basically because I want to know what my status is at.  I was actually a bit surprised when we were doing the measurements and REALLY surprised when I got back home and put the numbers onto the spread sheet.

The best part of the whole thing is this.  We did my last assessment July 17th right before the Warrior Dash and my body fat percentage was 7.7%, today, it was the same.  Score, I’m very happy about that.  I was also a little bit surprise that my weight was about the same 75.5Kg three and a half months ago and 75.6Kg today.  which is a bit funny because my weight lately has been bouncing higher and higher it seems on Wii Fit in the morning, but really, it has not changed that much at all over time.

Heart Rate, BMI, Body Fat Percentage 

Next up of course was the skin fold and I am super impressed with these, especially the iliac crest! Down by 10mm.

Skin Folds

You might be wondering why I am happy about a number that is not my lowest.  The reason is simple, my very lowest number I was a waif of a man, not much muscle really, not much of anything.  Now I’m a much more filled out person.

Muscle Measurments

Muscles didn’t change much and in fact went down a tiny bit in a couple measurements.  Not ideal, but I have been doing a LOT of running and so leaning out is not completely unexpected.

Also we set up two new days for the gym.  Gone are push day and pull day and I’ve got programs that work on explosive power and endurance and getting to max weight for other groups of exercises.  It’s like Jodi was reading my mind, or maybe my blog,

Woo! Exciting!


Give 5 strategies you are using to keep the holiday pounds off

1 Eat in controlled portions

2 Exercise days when I have bigger meals planned

3 Don’t keep sweets and stuff in the house

4 Lots of cardio

5 With the extra time I have booked off work play more hockey!


Challenge day 2 complete!

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  1. Wow - you have NO FAT! That's really impressive.

    I need to keep the junk food out of my house. Will try that strategy after my dirty eating vacation week.