Sunday, November 4, 2012

Injury and Day 4 of the Blog Challenge

So my arm got hurt.  Not only did I bash my hand yesterday on the box at the gym, but when I played hockey last night I took a shot in warm up that missed all the padding I had on.

See our first game of the night the other team didn’t bother to show up, which really sucks because we were playing in Peterborough on a bigger ice surface for a change and I could have really had my wheels turning!  But since I had my goalie stuff there, I played net for our divided team.  It was not that pretty, but it was a pretty one sided game as well.

Time for the second game where I was supposed to play goalie anyways and I went out for the warm up and on like the third shot a guy got me right above the blocker, but on the side of my forearm where there, as it turns out, is no padding at all.  My arm went dead, and I dropped my stick.  I skated a few little turns waiting for my hand to be useful again.

I played the game, it was hard to hold onto my stick and rotation of my forearm killed!  In the first half of the game I got completely lit up.  Even if I made one save, or two the third shot went in, or guys were wide open in the slot.  It was bad.  So as a mercy the Ref (without asking me) switched the goalies.  In the second half, I had a shutout (I only had to make about 10 saves though) and the other guy had holes shot through him.  I’m glad it wasn’t just me being exceptionally terrible!

Goose egg on my arm

Just a bit of a lump there

Now I am faced with the decision of going to the gym.  I’ll look at the exercises Jodi gave me for day two and decide.  Most of it is leg strength so I might be ok to go.

Please share your favourite clean eating breakfast recipe.

I actually am not exactly sure what ‘clean eating’ is.  Give me a second to use Google.

After looking up what clean eating is, and looking at the foods I eat for breakfast.  I don’t have a clean eating favourite recipe.  Bread or english muffins kills the whole idea right there.  Though that would be the closest I come really.  Eggs, toast, home fries (on the flat top not in the fryer!!) and ham.  My usual breakfast is PB&J on english muffin and oatmeal (like Quaker instant oatmeal) and I think the only thing that would qualify there is the homemade jam (pectin, lemon juice, sugar and strawberries).

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  1. On threat from my wife I skipped the gym and just went for a run instead