Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Whole Bunch Of Challenge Topics

17 Which music style/band/song motivates you the most?

I think just really upbeat, music helps.  I have some songs by Infrared Riding Hood that are great, Good Time from owl City and Carly Rae, Gungham Style music like that.

18 How do you reward yourself when you achieve a fitness goal?

Usually with gear of some sort.  A new under armour shirt or something.  Once in a while with food, it’s nice to just eat something ridiculous on a day where I have burned 1000 calories.

19 There’s an app for that…What’s your favorite fitness technology?

I use my fitness pal a lot (chrispy47)! Amber put me on to it and now it’s just become part of my day.  Other than that just my Ipod, I always have that with me when working out or running.

20 Your most awkward fitness etiquette moment?

Thankfully I don’t think I have one!

21 Pilgrims left their home to find something better in the New World. Where did your fitness journey start and where are you headed?

My fitness journey started on the floor of the dojo at karate where I was gasping for breath.  It lead me to the elliptical machine for about 3 months and has taken me to many fantastic places.  A most improved player award for hockey that very next winter was the first stop.  Running in races was the next place. I’ve even come second in a race of over 3500 people!  Now my fitness journey is aiming me toward the possibility of a triathlon and a 1/2 marathon.

22 Today is Thanksgiving. Write a thank you letter (or a few!) to those you helped you on your fitness journey this year.

Dear Amber and Jodi, Thanks! Amber gives me a lot of support in my endeavours to be all fitnessy, and Jodi gives me the exercises and crazy ideas to do things that push my limits.

23 Dear Fitness Santa…What do you want for Christmas (or other holiday you celebrate)?

I would like… a few workout gear things, I’d mention goals and whatnot, but Santa doesn’t bring those to you.

24 Share your favorite turkey left overs recipe.

Bread, turkey and lots of gravy all heated up, simple and awesome!

25 How do you handle exercise and clean eating during the holiday season?

For our Thanksgiving here I just made sure that I ran or worked out on the day of a big meal, keep my metabolism running hot when I’m going to stuff my face!  As for clean eating, I’ve already discovered that I totally don’t do that, I eat too many things like hot chocolate and whipped peanut butter.  I just avoid the really junky greasy food and it’s all good.

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