Saturday, November 10, 2012

Favourite Football Story

I don’t think I actually have a single favourite football story.  This might come as a surprise but Canadians generally aren’t as bonkers for football as Americans are.  My high school didn’t even have a football team let alone have the whole town show up for games!  I think if my school did have a football team I would have tried out, we only had a rugby team and I thought it was insane to play ‘football without equipment’! 

During high school though I watch a lot of CFL football because a few of my friends did.  Being interested in a sport is much easier when you have people around that are also interested and you can talk with them about what is going on.  We also played touch football during our lunch break in the spring and fall and tackle in the winter (more cushioning and not as muddy when you hit the ground).

One year a group of friends and I took a trip to the Eastern Conference Final game in Toronto all piled into one car.  We purposely sat in the wrong seats because these seats that were open were better, the usher made us move and during that move the Toronto kick returner ran the entire length of the field for a touchdown!  That same year Everyone was over at my house to watch the Grey Cup game (oldest trophy in pro sports I believe).  The Grey Cup game usually happens right around my birthday, and so it was a dual thing, we all made our own pizzas, and watched the game, fantastic.

Thinking about all that I really don’t understand why so many people have bad feeling toward high school.  I was not the most popular, I didn’t have a girlfriend until the final year, but those years were some of the best ever for me.  Great friends and good experiences!


  1. Good times Chris - I remember it well! Great Blog keep it up! - Phil

  2. Good times Chris - I remember it well. Great blog - keep it up! Phil