Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yay, It's My Birthday

I don't know why some people dislike their birthday.  I love having my birthday!  Seriously what's not to like? Cake, presents, well wishes from lots of people!  It's all fantastic!  It's only noon-thirty and I've already had more facebook messages and tweets than I can even think about!

So far I have spent the day at work, and it's been a pretty good day, except the guys working on our plumbing setting off the fire alarm right before lunch.  Kids HATE when the fire alarm goes off.  Later tonight there will be tacos at my house and then Amber is coming to watch me play goalie tonight in Millbrook.  Should be a good evening.  The folks here at work have already said their happy birthdays and we've got cake in the kitchen, awesome!

Now maybe you are now wondering what you can do for an old man on his birthday.  I'd love it you either took part in or pimped my idea of The WCP International Race Weekend That would be super awesome.  Once I do the separate page for it on Saturday I'll totally give your blog a permanent link on said page if you do!

Anyways, go down to the store, get a piece of cake and have a great day! :)

Thanks Everyone!

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