Sunday, August 11, 2013

Forced Relaxation

Well I couldn’t run today, or bike or any type of cardio really.  See, yesterday I ran just fine after getting over a little soreness from a workout Thursday.  So I ran, everything was fine, I was done 7K in under 35 minutes.  I got home, showered ate breakfast and then went to the car to go to karate.

During my stepping into the car my knee tweaked a bit, during the two hours at karate the pain got a bit more intense and by the time it was over I could hardly even walk. 

It would have been my usual plan today to run and bike, but since my knee is messed up I have had to stay around the house all day.  I did go and do about an hour of arms and abs in the garage this morning, so thankfully I can still do a few exercise types of things.  Since then however I have been not out running and biking but actually playing video games and watching Futurama.

It’s a bit strange not being out and about on a beautiful Sunday, but a wonky knee is what it is and I don’t have much choice in the matter, it hurts to even walk on it for any amount of time.  I see in my near future a lot of strength training!


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