Thursday, August 15, 2013

Not Running, Day 5

Once again my knee has put me on the self from running, or biking.  Basically I can't do much that involves my legs.  It is annoying.  A few years ago, before I got in shape I wouldn't really have thought much about not being physically able to do those things, but once that sort of becomes your life-style you miss it when it is taken away from you.

I realize during these couple of times I have been unable to run just how much I like it!  Especially during a week like we have had in Ontario this week were the daily high temperatures are barely scraping 22°C at their highest!  I could have racked up soooooo many kilometers on my bike or out running, especially with Amber out of town for a few evenings, because there is no schedule for dinner or the evening or whatnot.  It is definitely good that she is around most of the time, not only because she's pretty nice (I did marry her after all) but because I'd probably do so much working out that it wouldn't be good for me if I didn't have some sort of schedule.

Anyways,  How does one stay in an active frame of mind when unable to do basically any cardio?  Strength training!  Focus on what I can do and that is lift things with my arms, and work on core and back strength!  Sunday and Tuesday I did a couple of really good arm and core workouts.  On Sunday I was thinking 'I can't remember when my arms have been this sore'  On Tuesday with Sarah  we did almost the same workout but we had a few more breaks so it wasn't as bad.

I have also spent a good while cutting the grass and building a box and moving patio stones all over to cover our septic tank access lid so that when we need it pumped out again we don't have to dig a four foot hole into the earth!

I am itching to get out and run again.  I have had to make a few dashes out to the car here at daycare to get things and my knee has felt ok with those little 10 second runs.  I am trying to hold off at least until Sunday to run, give my knee a whole week and a massage on Saturday to heal up.  I want to be able to run and bike when I'm off at Amer's Friend's trailer at the start of next week!

Tonight's plan is another upper body and core workout, I'm kind of glad for it actually, it makes me think about when all I did was strength train with a bit of plyo work built in.  What alternate plans have you made when you have been injured?

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