Monday, August 19, 2013

Friend Making Monday–School Days

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School Days

1.  What was your favourite subject in school?

I liked math and Physics and anything that Mr. Follett taught!

2. Did you attend elementary school and high school in the same town?

No, well, technically yes I guess, my elementary school in Buckhorn only went to grade 6, and then everyone from there went to Lakefield for Intermediate and High School.  So while they weren’t in the same town, all the kids went to the school.

3.  Are you still friends with anyone that you met during school?

I have a couple of friends still from school.  Matt is still my best friend, we met in grade 5!

4. What activities were you involved in as a student?

I wasn’t, I was never on any teams or clubs at school.  We did play a lot of soccer and football before school and at lunch in High school.

5. Did you bring your lunch, or did you get it at school?

I brought lunch most of the time, once in a while I would get fries or something in the cafeteria.

6. Did you enjoy shopping for clothing and school supplies? 

I never did when I was in school, my mom just got all that stuff.  I liked doing it for the second year of my second time at college though, it was great to buy 31 waist jeans and medium shirts!

7. Name a song or a band that reminds you of high school. 

Weird Al.

8. Did you like school? 

I loved high school.  I don’t really understand why people mostly say they hated their high school days.  It was great!  Go to school, hang out with friends, very few real responsibilities, if I wanted to go to a movie my dad would usually just give me the cash to go.  It was all great stuff!  All of it.  I didn’t like University at all! and then college was good the first time, great the second time!

9. How long have you been out of school? 

I was out of school from 2002-2009 working in computer support, and now I have been out of ECE since 2011.

10.  What did you like most about school?  What did you dislike most about school? 

I liked going and seeing my friends all the time.  I didn’t like that work got in the way of seeing those friends. 


Me in my first year at college (1998)

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