Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hey College Students, Check This Out

Susan Martin over at The Best Colleges email me last week about the possibility of sharing something with all you guys. 

Generally it’s about ‘The Freshman 15’ and how people attending college tend to gain a few pounds while on campus.  It’s simpler to head out for meals, your workload increases and time is at a premium because you have to go to so many classes and study all the time if you want to pass.

Staying in shape while at school can be difficult, but it is very doable.  I have experienced both sides of this.  My first time though school I lived with a bunch of guys for our whole second year and we all ate junk, worked and went to school, fitness was not a priority to say the least.

My second time through college during my second year I was a total fitness nut and not only passed with honours, but left school 80 pounds lighter than when I started the pervious year.

Here is the graphic that Susan asked me to share with you all, I think it boils down things quite nicely!

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