Monday, March 31, 2014

Friend Making Monday–Hobbies and Games

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Hobbies and Games

1. Do you have a favourite board game?

We play loads of games in our house and I think my favourite one would be Carcassonne.  It’s a game where you place tiles that have either field, road or city one them (or some combination) to build those things and score points. Very Cool.

2. Do you have a favourite card game?

Yeah, the DC Comics Deck Building Game.  It`s a cumbersome name, but it`s a fun game!

3. Do you play games on your phone?

Yes, I play mostly Words, Matching and Gems with Friends

4. Do you prefer the X-box, PlayStation or Wii U?

I only have a Wii U and 3DS at the moment and I like what Nintendo has had to offer for the last 25 years!  I did have and X-Box 360 for a long time, and liked it though too.  It`s all about the games really not the system.  I`d be happy to just stick with Wii U except that Batman: Arkham Knight that comes out in the fall is not on Wii U so, I`ll be getting a PlayStation 4.

5. Do you have a favorite outdoor hobby?

Running and Biking.  I actually went out running twice yesterday because Spring finally came to Ontario!

6. Have you ever been geocaching?

Yes, it was pretty fun, we need to go when it`s not so buggy out though.

7. What’s your favourite hobby?

I draw.  A lot.

See –>

8. Is there a hobby you would love to try but are too scared too?

I don’t know if I am too scared to try anything really, too poor maybe.

9. Do you enjoy doing puzzles?

No, well… I don’t seek out to do puzzles at least.


10. Have you taken any classes in anything?

I have taken a few guitar lessons, and a single art class.  I do take and teach karate though.  I got my black belt a few years ago now.

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  1. Great answers and your drawings are awesome :)
    I've never heard of Carcassonne so will have to check it out