Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am 31.

Most people would lament being *this old*. It's not that bad really.  Especially with all that has happened for me in the past year.  It's hard to imagine a year where I have accomplished so many great things.  At this time last year the furthest I had been from home was the Jersey Shore, now I have been all over the Caribbean (and even more photos here) and pet animals that do not even exist on this continent, eaten exotic food and stood on the top of a Mayan pyramid. During that same trip I got engaged.

I attended school again and met so many amazing people, some of which I am sure will become life long friends.  We've spent so much time working together and just enjoying each other's company it really has made my second college experience fantastic.

I lost some weight. This is perhaps the most visible thing I have done in the past year for myself.  With a great big hint back in march I decided that it was just about time I did something and started going to the gym.  I was there so much that some people probably figured that I worked there.  I lost 50 pounds or so and then I got a trainer( the most amazing trainer in the gym to be sure - Jodi V!), and lost 30 more.  Now together we've built me into an athlete.  It's incredible how much this whole experience has taught me about myself and how much it has done for me both physically and mentally.

I've played hockey, and though I have done that in previous years, this year finally I am in the good condition to really say, 'I am a hockey player' (even if it is only once a week and I don't get paid).  I don't have to suck in oxygen like I'm about to die when I get to the bench, my back does not hurt when I am playing or the day after.

I got married.  I'm ecstatic about it!  It was a fantastic day with so many of my awesome friends attending.  Some I have had for ages, some only for a year, but they were all there (minus a few that could not make it) and it made the day that much greater.  It turns out that on the day of my birthday Amber even got herself her first teaching job, supplying for a half day.  Could my wife be more amazing? No.

And then finally two days before my birthday a great friend and I completed one journey, and embarked on another. The original journey through karate lasted just shy of 7.5 years, the next one is a lifetime.  I am thrilled to have spent so much time with so many great people during my time at karate, not only this past year, but over the whole course of the time I was going from one belt to another.  What started as a way for my step-daughter at the time and I  to spend time together ended up being a life changing experience the likes of which I'm likely to never experience again.

So all in all year 30 for me has been great.  Full of smiles and laughs, new friends, incredible experiences and adventures that most people can only wish they had the opportunity to go on.  Thanks everyone for making this past year so great!

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