Monday, November 8, 2010


I was told when I was younger to be sure I chose the right friends.  It is something I believe very strongly in really.  Choosing good friends makes so much difference in the type and quality of life you end up leading.

I have had the great advantage of always having fantastic friends that had similar values to those of my own (whether I was actually able to recognize those values at my current age or not).

As a younger child I had friends that enjoyed the same shows and toys as me, then it was computers and making tapes of weird radio shows and playing video games.  In high school my friends and I would play hockey, football, soccer and cards.  We didn't feel the need to prove ourselves in anyway to anyone.  And now as an adult I have friends that I can share ideas with and get wisdom from.  All good people that have had positive influences on my life all along.

As I see the struggles that a few kids I know are going through it reinforces this idea that choosing the right friends early on can make all the difference in ones life.  It doesn't matter how good a parent some kids may have, what type of influence they try to be, if someone hangs around the wrong people and wants acceptance from them things can go poorly to say the least.

A friend is someone that keeps you out of trouble, not gets you into it.  A friend is someone that shares many of the same values as you do and enjoys your success as you enjoy theirs.

I wish that everyone could be blessed with the kind of amazing friends that I have and have had over the years.  Thanks everyone for being such great friends! You know who you are!

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