Monday, November 1, 2010


I thought about being less frequent, but something piqued my interest today.


Everyone can give effort, it doesn't cost anything. At school I'm never surprised that the people who put in effort get good marks, the people that don't put in the effort complain that school is hard and we have too much work.  At karate it is ALWAYS clear who is putting in the effort, and who is not.  If you aren't going to put in the effort, I am tired of listening to your excuses of why things aren't going your way.  If you are putting in the effort, things are going your way, that's just how it is.


  1. The lesson of effort is one that too few people learn. Sometimes we're not prepared to put in the effort required to affect change, and as long as we're honest with ourselves about what we're doing - or not doing -then it's fine. But enough of the whining! I'm completely with you Chris.

  2. I disagree with one thing Crystal.Its not that we are not prepared to put in the effort we just choose not to !!!!! :)

  3. How do you deal with being afraid of success? I'm able to put in the effort but I think being afraid of the success stops me so I just half a-- it and make excuses why I can't do it and I'm tired of just getting by. Suggestions???

  4. Being afraid of success... I'm not sure on that one... maybe start with something small, some personal thing and then go from there, get used to achieving success and you won't fear it anymore.

    Another point may be that your success or lack thereof is determined by you, personally, not someone else. One does not need the acknowledgement or approval of someone else to have that feeling of awesomeness.