Sunday, November 14, 2010


My dad taught me something about being on a team in the spring of 1993. June 9th to be exact.  I know the date because it was the evening the Canadiens could clinch a Stanley Cup victory.  It was also a evening where I was supposed to play 3-pitch in Buckhorn.  Clearly I could not do both, and I was insistent that I wanted to stay home.  However, I had joined a team, and as my dad explained I could not let my team down by just not showing up!  I rode my bike to the community center and was ready to play.  My dad knew how much I wanted to watch the game, but it was also one of those moments that I would now explain to someone else, that '"builds character".  Thankfully, it stared to rain, and I ended up getting home before the puck dropped!  I got the best of both things!

It was mentioned more than once that Pete and I were joining a team of black belts, I thought this was an important thing to take home with me.

We may be joining the team of black belts at the club, but we wouldn't be doing so without the team of students that we were able to train and practice with all along.  No one can get to such an important day like what we experience yesterday without the help and support of a host of people over time.

I assembled a collection of photos from my journey through the coloured belts at karate this morning and posted them on my facebook (seen here) and couldn't help but notice the common faces through the years.  Some people have since left the club, some are still there on their own journey, I'd run out of breath if I tried to thank each of the people that played important roles in my own journey in person.  So here I'd like to do that.  Thank you! I wouldn't be in the position I am without all of your help and support, your friendship, lessons and insights.  I can only hope to play the same supportive role in someone else achieving their black belt.

Truly a study in martial arts is a singular and a team event at once.  At the very least you need one other person to practice with, but to learn much you need to accept the knowledge and input of many people. But without individual drive and commitment the advice and support of others would go to waste.

I'm sure there were instances where those looking forward to my progress wondered if I'd ever get the message and achieve.  I hope I have done my team proud and hope I can continue to do so for others.

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