Monday, November 22, 2010

Who are you doing this for?

I had some interesting discussions over the weekend about the purpose of a lot of different things with a few different people.  And what seemed to connect them all was the idea of the reasoning behind the decisions and who the actions taken really benefit.

Some things you clearly do for someone else, like holding a door or letting someone pull ahead of you while driving and letting someone onto a particularly busy road.  Some things you clearly do for yourself like buying a comic or clothes or whatever.  The interesting part is when the lines blur.

At the beginning of my karate career I was going there for myself, no doubt, I enjoyed it, I liked seeing how I could do things.  As time went on I was asked to help teach here and there and then I was not only going to karate for myself, but for the other people that attend, how can I help them out on the day. I achieved a personal goal so that I can help others achieve theirs.  I think that is a big part of that whole knowledge transaction whether it's at karate or even at at school, I'm aiming to attain a personal goal so that I can then share that experience with others.

When I started going to the gym last march I was doing it for someone else.  In the beginning it was to simply satisfy what was required of me.  Now I go for myself, I enjoy it, it makes me feel good.  Things I am doing for myself personally I don't feel I need approval for from others, I might share with others those personal things, but ultimately they are for me and I'll make that choice.

Now that I have reached the point I am at, it has been pointed out to me that now is when real character is defined.  Will I continue to have the dedication when there is no personal prize to attain? I think this is an important thing to consider.  I have reached two goals almost at the same time, each of which took a lot of dedication.  Can I continue on this path?  Well that all depends on who I'm doing it for doesn't it?  And how I can take rewards from it.

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  1. The work and dedication required to reach your goals was a payment of sorts. Now that the goals have been attained, work and dedication become Investment. Investment in yourself. Investment in the adventure of life, which if played correctly should be lived out in health and happiness. I'm betting that you will find that just as big a motivator as a black belt.