Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fortune Cookies

What could be better than a little yummy cookie that has some little tag in it that tells you some delightful thing?

Well lots of things I suppose...  But fortune cookies are yummy, and I'm always excited to see what I get on my fortune.  More often than not I find whatever is written applies to me.  I'm not sure that this is just because the 'fortunes' are so generic that they apply to everyone, or if it's because I lead a life that usually directs me toward good events and people and such.

Amber bought loads of fortune cookies to put in our little gift boxes at the wedding and we still have some around the house.  I have taken to eating them after lunch when I am home to do so or as part of a quick snack before heading off to karate in the evenings.

This afternoon at lunch I cracked one open, and read the tag and it says (I have it here with me) "Nothing will get in the way of your desire to succeed.  Keep at it!"  As I ate the cookie -  which by the way is the correct way to do it..  crack it, read the thing, then eat - I thought about how well that little memo went with things in my life as of late.  My desire to go to school and do well, my desire to loose weight and get in shape.  Things where I have ultimate control of the outcome I have done just fine at.

This sort of general 'fortune' could of course apply to so many people and so many different situations, I think it's just a matter of perspective.  But I think it's very interesting that a scrap of paper can make you think about so many things even with only 2 sentences on it. 

I'm hoping to convince Amber that a bag of fortune cookies is something that we should just have in the house.  I like that I can get some sort of mini lesson out of each one.

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  1. No convincing needed. Within the second paragraph I had already decided to go buy you some more. I've seen you eating them lately (or rather leaving little fortunes around the house) and wasn't sure if it was because they were left over and calling out to you or because you actually wanted them.

    After reading your post, I felt the need to have a fortune cookie myself. So sorry....I took the last one out of the bag. Crack open, eat first half, read fortune "You'll accomplish more later if you have a little fun this weekend.", eat other half (because that is the way to really eat a fortune cookie).

    You accused me of eating all the fortune cookies tonight when you tried to devour another one this evening (I don't think you are aware of how many you have gobbled up as I have had only two). Anyway - this fortune didn't suit you anyway since your grading is this week. But, have a little fun anyway.

    Love you lots. More fortunes to come...