Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Week Of Workouts

I’ve had a week, actually two weeks, off work thanks to some saved up holidays and the new year.  I’ve used these two weeks to work out like crazy and it has been amazing! 

Mostly it has been the last week and a bit since we were out in London Ontario for a few days at the end of my first week off.  The workouts have been, in the last 9 days, two games of hockey, 6 workouts and 2 training sessions with John. 

The workouts too were like an hour and a half long too, I’m totally loving it and I’m actually quite sad that it’s going to end when I go back to work tomorrow.  The basis for these workouts has been the superman workouts that Henry Cavill was doing to beef up for The Man Of Steel movie.

I’m about a month into that set of workouts and they are yet to get boring, and they are always crushing.  For instance, today, I was doing push press and burpee pull ups for a total of 64 reps each! Then wall ball and medicine ball slams 150 times each, and then a circuit that had rowing, pull ups, more burpees and situps with a medicine ball toss.  I was so gassed at the end of the session and of course I had to do a 5k run ahead of that whole workout.

The beauty of all this hard work is that in just one short month there is an actual visual difference and I think that by the end of February it will be really noticeable!

The other thing that I am really enjoying is being a trainer!  I wrote a post quite a while ago about were I thought that I would never be a trainer. I’m really diggin’ it actually, so much so that I have enquired about what it takes to actually become a certified trainer.  I am kind of holding off on that notion for now.  What I would really like would be to be able to use money from training people to fund the project of becoming certified.  So hopefully that will happen at some time this year.

I know that a lot of my readers have made new years resolutions, how are they going?

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  1. I was pretty excited to get a gym membership for Christmas and have already gone several times. I'll be motivated to go since I want to make this membership worthwhile. It's too damn cold to do anything outside!