Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Missed The Gym

I hate it when I miss going to the gym.  I had it all planned out today to go to the gym after work.  Well, I sort of had it all planned, I had to come home on my lunch to get my gear together so that I could go right to the gym and then be home at a reasonable time for dinner.

The thing is that I got wrapped up in a very interesting and very constructive conversation right at the end of my work day.  This would actually make it one of the few times that I didn’t really mind being after work late.  There was purpose behind it and I came away from it feeling better in all sorts of areas.

If it had been anytime between say, March and October, it wouldn’t have phased me at all, I would have just switched from gym day to running or biking day and got my workout in.  Since it’s still January I ended up just heading home and skipping the whole gym thing today.

I aim to hit the gym tomorrow and now I’ll simply just tag on an extra 20 minutes on the bike or something at the end of running and strength training.  I’ll still be there three times this week, even with being busy Friday night and on Sunday as well.

Sometimes I just wish I could win the lottery and not even have to worry about it.  I could just wake up, and go to the gym.  Except for that in the months of January and February it would be, wake up, go to the gym, and then try to remember which island excursion I’m about to head out on as I do a two month cruise of the Caribbean!

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