Monday, January 6, 2014

Friend Makin’ Monday–Just Some Stuff


1.  What has been your happiest moment in 2014 so far? 

Just being able to spend time with Amber since we were both home from work for the break.

2. Share the last compliment you received. 

I don’t even now.

3.  What is one thing that you plan to accomplish in the next week?

Be at the gym at least 3 times.

4.  What is your favourite TV show currently on air?

The Big Bang Theory.  I watch almost no current TV, Netflix is my pal and the best $7.99 a month I’ve ever spent

5.  If you could go anywhere in the world free for the next two weeks, where you go? 

New Zealand, or just on a two week cruise.  I’d love to tour around and see all the shooting locations for The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings in New Zealand, but failing that just do nothing on a cruise ship for another two weeks would be great!

6.  Describe a significant event in your life that caused you to change your values system. 

The day I was dying of exhaustion on the mat at karate and I decided to get in shape.

7.  What made you decide to live where you currently live? 

I’ve always sort of wanted to stick around the same area as I grew up, and being out in a small town is great.  I never wanted to live ‘in the city’ because that’s not how I grew up.  So living in Bridgenorth is fantastic!

8.  What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about GOD?

Church, and while when I went regularly to church up until I moved out of home at 18 and we did have some good speakers there I still did overall find it boring.

9.  If you could have a long conversation with someone famous (and alive now) who would you choose? 

Jim Lee, I’d love to pick his brain on art and such.

10.  List three things that you’re thankful for today.

I’m thankful for my friends and family.
For my health and ability to be active.
For having a job that I love.

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  1. :) thats a good list to be thankful for.