Monday, January 27, 2014


I hate injuries.

Here I am on the shelf again, this time from something where I can’t even pinpoint when or how I hurt myself. 

See last week my side started to hurt.  I know for sure I was hurting Wednesday night and Thursday night, I was in enough pain on Friday to attempt to not to go to work and I made a chiropractor appointment for after work.  The problem was that I couldn’t twist, and had very painfully mobility with my right side.

Dr. Jenn looked me over and poked at me a bit, she got out a tuning fork and touched that to my ribs.  Not a fracture, which was nice to hear, I think.  Her opinion was that I sprained the muscles the connect up the ribs.  My guess is that I did that lifting and twisting with the kids at work.  I’m only guessing that because I don’t have any lift/twist exercises at the gym. And the only thing I did at the gym on Wednesday was run and bike.

So the Dr. she tells me to ice and heat alternately, I did that a bit on Friday night and I have to admit I didn’t do it much over the weekend, but I did take anti-inflammatories and (along with taking the cats to the vet) skipped Karate because of it, and didn’t go to hockey either!  I couldn’t even help shovel on Sunday.

Being injured sucks, especially when it’s sort of nebulous like this, I have no idea of the healing time and I have to move and such.  The worst part is that it hurts all the time.  At least with my Achilles last spring it only hurt to run!


  1. Remember what I always say: RICE is the best way to treat a sprain - (R)est, (I), (C)ompression, (E)at ice cream sandwiches.

    Heal up soon.

  2. Hi Chris, Owww! When my husband tore his rotator cuff, it was a small move that did it. The doctor speculated, and I agree, that it was probably a lot of stuff he did *before* that last move, all of the painting on our house for three months in a row. So you probably need to examine all of the exercises you've done in the past two months that focus on that area and that sort of movement. I'm sorry you feel terrible and hope you feel better soon.

  3. Thanks Guys! So far it's about the same, But at least I can still ride the stationary bike, that is some consolation!