Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Don't Just Execute, Elevate

I've heard Kevin Smith talk about this a bit on his podcast when referring to writers and artists and their work on comics going beyond simply doing their jobs but putting the love and attention to detail into their work that really sets it apart.

I got thinking about this idea yesterday at the gym while doing a training session with John.  I had made a new Tabada workout for him and he was working really hard at it the whole way through.  We got to a point when most people would have called a halt to the whole thing.  He was gassed, I could tell! But he pushed through it.  After, I was saying that it’s those types of moments that make success.  When your body wants to quit but you push anyways. 

Anybody can get a workout sheet and head on to the gym floor.  They can go and do all the workouts and get some results.  They can execute the plan.  Or you can elevate, put everything you’ve got into every part of the workout, right to the point where you have to drag yourself off the floor.  When a person applies themselves like that you get great results.

Next time you head out for a run, or to the gym to work out, don’t just execute, elevate!


  1. Hi Chris, Very good post! I think a person should go to the gym with great enthusiasm. That will elevate all exercises. Plus, I constantly remind people to activate their entire body while doing any sort of exercise, even for an isolated exercise. It makes a huge difference for the energy exerted into the exercise, as well as for proper form.

    I stop at 10 minutes before I feel I'm going to fall apart. That is my safety rule, because as soon as my exercise form gets sloppy, I'm more prone to injury--and I'm not doing that!!! Not if I can help it. :D

  2. I agree with your post - they only way you are going to see real results is to push past your comfort zone.