Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Look Like A Dork

Today was my first day of winter running outside, and the first steps in getting my 5k time under twenty minutes.  As I mentioned I was not looking forward to running outside in the winter and figured I would be miserable.  It ended up being not so bad.  This evening was fairly ‘warm’ only –3C (24F), and the paths were bare and dry.

In preparation of the running I got ready to go here at home instead of at the gym.  I have a nice red cold gear under armour shirt that I wear for hockey, but I figured that would be a bit too chilly with just that so I wore a zip up old navy orange hoody over top.  On the bottom half I had under armour pants with thin track pants over top then running shoes of course.  To go along with all this I had my hat of course and ear muffs and mitts.  I thought I looked pretty ridiculous. We failed to take a picture, which actually is kind of sad because it was pretty funny, maybe next time I will be sure to get a shot of it.  Suffice to say I looked like a dork.

We ran our 5k which consisted of three laps plus a bit of a route right nearby the gym but we forgot to time it, which in the end is not so bad since Jodi and I were chatting during most of the run, so we were not really pushing for time and all that.  A vague time would be about 24 minutes, which is not to bad for a run as I have described it. If I had been concentrating on getting a best time and ended up with ‘about 24 minutes’ I wouldn’t have been too happy.

All in all tonight was a great introduction to running in the Great White North’s winter, I did not freeze, I avoided having snot all over my face, I looked ridiculous.  We' will see how it goes from here.

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  1. Hi Chris! Coming from Northern Minnesota, and having jogged in cold winter, I think the "dork" is the dumb person who under-dresses for the weather. Colder air is pretty exhilarating. Glad to know you also have had some warmer weather.

    :-) Marion