Sunday, January 15, 2012

One Fitness Goal Met

So a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had set a few fitness goals for 2012,  Yesterday I met one of those goals already.

Since getting in shape I have not really strived for any goal in particular at the gym other than very generic ‘get stronger, get faster’.  Before Christmas I decided that I would like to be able to bench press more weight and when the new year came it felt like a good time to set a goal of being able to bench my own weight.

When I started at the gym I was pressing about 90 pounds, two 25 pound weights plus the bar.  That weight crept up but it wasn’t really something I focused on.  I was more concerned with the number of reps than I was with a maximum weight.  When I began this run up to benching my weight back in November I was back at only lifting 110 pounds since my last set of programs did not include a bench press.  I decided I would add 10 pounds a week if I was successful at completing 10 reps on each of the three sets I do on my upper body day.

Yesterday I was up at the gym after karate and it would be the day that I was lifting 170lbs which is actually about 6lbs more than I weigh.  It was only during the last set that I had any difficulty on number nine and ten, I struggled to get the bar up but I made it.  Very satisfying to reach that goal!

Another Goal Too

You might also recall that a few weeks ago I planned at hockey to just get shots on net instead of going with the mindset of getting goals.  Well last night at Hockey I was like the Flash on ice.  Jeff would continually, if there was no passing option out of our defensive zone lob the puck up the left wing (which has become my wing after such a successful night a few weeks ago, it is amazing what a change in position can do for you) and I would zip by the defence of the other team to pick up the puck.  This plan worked at least three times in the game and ended up resulted in two goals.

I scored the first goal of the game on a beautiful pass across the slot.  We won 5-0 finally beating Calvary, who has beaten us three times in a row!  Our overall record is 10-4-0, and my last assist of the game was my 200th point in the league! Yay!


A big thank you to all of you who have had kind words in the last week, not too many commented, but I realize that not everyone who thinks nice things wants to put them down in text.  So thank you if you commented here, or on Facebook or twitter.  It’s been a tough week.  Thankfully being active gives my brain a bit of a break from thinking about things too much.

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  1. Hi Chris! Super great about the bench press. I love to bench press, partly because I know exactly who I am under the bar with about 135 pounds over my face. But, I suspect you know exactly who you are when playing hockey too. :D

    I am so very glad that Amber found yoga. There are so many types of sports, but until we find what we really like, it doesn't stick.

    Btw, I mentioned Amber in a recent post on my blog. Believe it or not, many people are much more inspired by a beginner being bold enough to try something new than listening to all my muttering. :D

    :-) Marion