Monday, January 2, 2012

Just A Couple More Runs

Otherwise known as ‘Know When It’s Time To Quit’

So I went out snowboarding again today, just on the hill in front of the courthouse again today, even with the sore neck I had because I figured that I can go to the gym after work, but I can’t go snowboarding after work.  It did snow here over night and I hoped/figured that with some fresh snow on the ground it might be a bit easier to steer.

Turns out that most of the hill was ice under the snow and only in a few patches was there fresh powder that I could get a grip on.  Unfortunately I made this totally ice under the snow discovery on my first run where I had a bit of a minor wipeout that cranked my already sore neck a little bit.  After that I moved to the other less steep side of the side and had a few pretty good runs.  I mostly worked on my turning and by the end of the 45 minutes or so I was turning on my toe side of the board pretty consistently.

It was about this time that I thought I would head on home, so I went back up the hill and came down mostly diagonally (as I planned) and did a couple turns and came to a perfect stop.  A beautiful way to end the afternoon of snowboarding.  I checked the time in the car and saw I had not quite been an hour and so I figured that I should stay out a little bit longer and be over an hour by a bit.

I did one short run on the steep side and then headed over to the other to do a few more runs.  It was here I decided that I should try to do a 180.  I got to the bottom of the hill and when I was at a standstill I tried doing a few 180s on the spot.  Success!  I did one more run and did about 80% of a 180 at the bottom.  Yay, I say 80% because I fell at the end of it.  Now, one more run, on this one ‘last’ run, the ice got the best of me, I ended up with the heel side of my board facing downhill, and then it bit in, hard! and BOOM! I smashed my butt on the icy hillside.  So.  Much.  Pain. 

I should have stopped after that last ‘perfect’ run, but no, I had to do more, and now it hurts to sit.  Boo!

Thankfully I have about four days for my neck and back to heal up before I do more snowboarding!  I’m loving this new sport!

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