Thursday, January 19, 2012

Watch Your Step

Remember that time when I said that running outside in the winter is not so bad.  It turns out I may have been a teensy bit wrong on a couple of points.  I went out the other day and knew within about five minutes that it was a bad idea.

For starters I have just eaten a very large meal.  If you have tried running on a full stomach you know what I mean.  It was awful, I could feel my food sloshing around in there, every step just made it worse it seemed, but in the end I persevered.  Yeah, I can hear you saying that I could have eaten a big meal any day not just in the winter.  And you are correct, though if the weather was warmer I would have likely run early in the morning where big meals would not have been an issue.

Really though what made the run so tough was the fact that the sidewalks were all snow and ice and to break out into a full out run would have been suicide.  I was forced into more of a jog, especially going uphill.  I simply could not get enough traction to actually run more than a few metres at a time.

I’m hoping to actually get a real run in again before the end of the week, but that will really depend on if the weather chooses to co-operate a little bit.

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