Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Drawing and Comics and Stuff

It is still over 30°C  here in Ontario and while a workout was had in the garage last night I'm thinking that it might just be to insanely hot to be out and about riding my bike or running after work today, or on Monday, or later this week even.  This heat is ridiculous! I know some of you folk that read this live in Texas or like Arizona or something and are thinking I'm a total wuss like "Heck son, when it's 95°F I wear three sweaters and knit mittens, when it gets to 374°F you have my permission to complain."  Well I live in Canada and over 30°C (about 90°F) is too hot and it's not 'too cold' until it's like -20°C (-10°F).  So I was thinking it's too hot, and I was thinking about the drawing classes I am soon to take with Amber.

I have posted up pictures I have drawn here before, since this insane heat started earlier last week I have been spending a bit more time practicing specific things and doodling inside the house and staying cool.  And while I don't think of myself as a good enough (or consistent enough) writer to do a "comic" like the guy at The Oatmeal does, or JL8 or various other web comics.  I think I can pull off like the one or two panel type of 'comics'.  Maybe they will be funny, maybe they will be serious, I don't know might just depend on how I'm feeling on the day that I create whatever it is I am creating.  I know I already have one made and I really like it and I think you guys will too.

So, you have that to look forward to/dread.  Maybe you have ideas that are like..  oh it would be funny/cool/interesting to see this idea as a picture? Email me -  or tweet me if that's your thing @chrispy47

I want to build up a few pieces so that I can roll things out consistently and then I'll just do the 'comic' on a specific day each week.  Opinions?  Thoughts?  Ideas?  You know how to reach me ↑

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