Saturday, July 6, 2013


Tomorrow I race in my first ever triathlon.  My dad suggested it to me about a month ago or so, just before he left to ride around Ireland.  It’s a race where I won’t actually be swimming though as the water portion will be in a canoe.  We get to paddle together but then you obviously ride and run on your own.

I’m more concerned about the ins and outs of all the transitions of the race rather than the race itself it seems.  I think part of it is simply that I know that I can’t have any sort of expectation going into this as I have never done a canoe race before and I have never done a bike race before.  So this will become the benchmark for all future bike races.  the distances are pretty straight forward 4k for the paddle, which will take probably about 35-40 minutes so I’ll be dying at the end of that! and then a 20k bike ride (no big there) and a 5k run, simple enough.  I think the hardest portion will be the paddling and the run if it’s super hot again.

What might throw me off a bit will simply be that I have to wear a bike helmet, which I never do at home, and I can’t have my ipod on for the bike portion, which I always do at home.  I can hear the gasps of disapproval right now I know.  But old dog and new tricks and all that.  When I was 10 I used to ride my bike from our house in the sticks to Matt’s house in Buckhorn and helmets weren’t even invented yet and I would wear my walkman the whole time.  If it was safe enough for me then, it’s safe enough for me now!

Anyways, I will be hoping for a top 10% time running at least, and maybe top 20% biking, the paddling I have no idea what to hope for, so just have to see how it comes out and even how many people are in our actual race.

If you are in Sydenham, Ontario come check it out, my race starts at 9:20am

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