Friday, July 5, 2013

Gentlemen, It’s Time To Spread The Word.

And the word is, Panic!

Earlier this week I weighted in at 169.9 pounds.  I shrugged it off a little since my weight does bounce around a few pounds, especially on hotter days.  Yesterday I weighed the same 169.9 and I thought, this is not just a blip.

Now I have been doing a lot of weight lifting with Sarah lately and it wouldn’t surprise me if I was adding a bit of muscle, and I have been doing a lot of bike riding which is going to be building muscle as well.  BUT I have been under 170 pounds (and 168) for nearly three years and the threat of going back over that threshold was something I was not that keen of doing.

And so, yesterday I was very strict with what I ate.  I made sure I had my meals and no significant snacks, I wanted to be well under my usual 2400.  My tummy was kinda churning all day as well and I had to make a few pitstops (if you know what I mean). I ran when I got home as well, it was a blistering 30°C (about 90°F) 7k (no pain again which was nice).

This morning after all that, I’m at 166.8 pounds again.  So was it a food thing? No, not really, was it a fitness thing? Not likely.  More of a body function malfunction kind of thing.  But I was all ready to be in weight loss made again, a little panic is not that bad of a thing I suppose.

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