Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Windows Are Open

Finally the heat has let off a few times in the last few days and last night I slept with the windows open and the air conditioning off!  I woke up through the night and had to pull my comforter on me to be warm enough to continue my slumber.  It’s downright chilly in the house, 65°F to be precise!

A note about temperatures – Yes technically Canadians use Celsius degrees, it actually make much more sense than Fahrenheit since using Celsius water freezes at 0° instead of 32°! So in the winter it’s very convenient, and when it gets that cold Fahrenheit looses meaning for me, if you say ‘hey it’s 10°F’ I don’t know how to interpret that.  I have been gauging hotness for long enough though to have anything over say 60°F have the same meaning to me as it’s Celsius counterpart.  Generally I still do the general conversion from a Celsius 28° to the rough Fahrenheit temperature of 28*2+30 = 86° (it’s not exact, but close enough) I know that either one of those is too hot for me!

Anyway, what does this mean?  Well today the high is only supposed to get up to 19°C (68°F)! and that means I am going to try to get the afternoon off work either with overtime hours I have banked or use a part day off just so I can ride my bike and run in these lovely cooler temperatures!

It also means that for the first time since the end of May I am wearing jeans and a sweater to work!  I love days like this and it makes me that much more anxious for Fall to arrive so that I can wear jeans again every day!


  1. We've had our windows open the past couple nights - the cats have been loving it and I've been sleeping so well (except when they decide to randomly sprint OUT of the window and over me!)

  2. For sure, Farenheit measures weather better. 100 degree days feel like over 100% of hotness. 32 degrees is still very nice feeling. But 20 degrees and under, all terrible. Celsius never did that for me, even though I was raised with Canadian radio stations telling metric temps in celsius, since the biggest city by where I lived in Minnesota was Winnepeg.:D