Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hydration and Zombies

No, not HydroZombies, that would be horrifying!

As I have mentioned, it is absolutely, face-meltingly, hot outside.  For instance when I left for work this morning at 6:50am it was already 25°C!  That is usually a High for the day, not what you start off at! Ick!

So here's a story, a lady that was in at our work has a daughter that is fit, like dancer girl fit, and only 17 or 18 or something.  She went to a boot camp workout thing on Tuesday in the ridiculous heat.  It was a half hour boot camp and they worked pretty hard.  When she got home her muscles were sore, so they did the hot and cold thing on them to try to feel better.  Later in the evening she couldn't even loft her hands up.  Mom thought that was strange and took her to the hospital.  The doctors checked her out and discovered that her kidneys were failing and her muscles were dying!  She has like super-extreme dehydration!!  So she's in the hospital still IVs pumping her full of things and all sorts of stuff.  Hopefully her muscles have not been too badly damaged and she can recover!  The doctors did say that if they had waited till morning to bring her in she might have been dead by then!

Moral of the story.  Drink Water when it's hot! Doesn't matter how fit you are, if you are exerting yourself in this kind of weather drink before you go do whatever it is you are doing, drink during it and drink after it!  Your body needs water to survive!

As for the Zombies, Run For Your Lives is BACK in my area again this year - they sure waited long enough to get the word out!  Problem is it is the same weekend at Tough Mudder!  Is that *really* a problem? hmm sort of because I have to drive a long way for each of those events.  I'm Very VERY tempted to run RFYL on the Saturday and then Tough Mudder on the Sunday after!  I know I could do it, RFYL is just a 5k run that I would probably do on the Saturday morning anyways at home.  I think it will come down to cost, I already have Run or Dye the weekend before and Tough Mudder was not cheap.  The Zombie part of it was so great though.  I think that prizes might determine if I go, like last year I was 2nd over all and got some pretty lame stuff, if I had the chance to win something a little sweeter that might make the final decision for me!

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