Friday, July 12, 2013

Maybe I Over-reacted

A Little.

See earlier this week I was nearing about 170lbs.  A nearly 4 pound gain from the week before.  What confused me most about this was that I just did that whole triathlon thing.  How could I go up in weight when I have been working by butt off all weekend, I thought.

Well this week I made sure to count my calories and stay under my target amount, I biked, ran and weight lifted.  Today I made an appointment at the gym with Jodi to do another assessment.  I was irrationally (I suppose) concerned that I was just getting big again.  It could have happened, maybe, in some other universe I guess.  Still I wanted hard evidence that my home gym was working as I had anticipated.

Mission accomplished.


We didn’t do the blood pressure thing this time since that is actually out in the gym part.  My weight this afternoon was 166, perfectly acceptable by me, and body fat is actually still at 8.4%, very awesome!

Skin folds is next on the chart, even though we did it last.  Improvements everywhere.  The numbers are not as low as when I was super scrawny the summer I lost all my weight, but definitely acceptable, great even!  It is starting to look a little bit cyclical actually, higher skin fold numbers in the winter or end of winter due to less running the last couple winters, and then lower numbers in the summer when I do so much cardio.  Probably connections to be made there.

Something cool that Jodi noted was that my waist girth (I really dislike the sound of that word in a fitness chart) was up slightly, but my illiac crest skin fold was down. This of course would point to more muscle in my core taking up space, nice!


Muscle measurements are again steady.  A few are up, a few are down. I am not getting any bigger and bulkier (good) and I am not getting any smaller either (great!).  I think is we had a shoulder size measurement that would be up, but overall I am pleased.  I have said before and I stand by it, I’m not working to create the Hulk, I’d much rather aim for The Batman.

So, was it reasonable to have my bit of a freak out over 4 pounds?  Hmm not really, but it’s great to know I can see something like that and shift gears,  I think I have to learn to be ok with adding an extra pound or two in the future as long as I am still doing the cardio and weight training that I am currently doing.  If there is weight gain, and I am doing all the work (and eating the right amounts of the right food) then the added weight must be muscle.

I mean, I look pretty good I’d say…


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  1. Awesome! I wish I had measurements from when I first started running. I tried to do them myself, but I didn't know exactly where to measure, so the numbers are all over the place.