Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Warrior and Training

So I was watching American Ninja Warrior last night, it made me think of course about if it was something I would be able to do or not.  I think I would have ate it on the nun-chuck part.  If it was a horizontal bar I could make it but not where you have to hold yourself up with a vertical grip.

This is the type of thing that I would love to have the chance to be able to do though.  Or like American Gladiators.  I actually think that would be more my speed, except for the rings part.  I’d love to be able to put a few of those gladiator types in their place.

I’m not really sure if I have much else to say about all this really at the moment, but it makes me excited for Tough Mudder in the fall and sort of makes me want to go do the O Course again.  I know I was thinking I would never do it again as I was doing the O Course, but as long as I have a way to get to a real shower afterwards.

During one of the little interview/profile bits on the show they had this guy where all he did was train for the Ninja Warrior course. I have no idea how he paid his bills, or if he had any, but his “job” was fitness and training!  How awesome would that be?  I could totally do that as a job!  I did spend about 3 hours Saturday weight lighting and bike riding and then about 2 hours running and riding Sunday and over and hour again today running and riding.  I could totally do training as my job.

I have been working and training with Sarah each week though, and that has been a bit of fun designing workouts and doing training with her.  I have said a few times that I couldn't be a personal trainer, and while I doubt anyone is going to pay someone that has no certification or whatever, I think that maybe it is something that I could do with the right clients. 

All that said I know now that I only have 90 days to be ready to kill it at Tough Mudder so I have to get working on my shoulder and crossing some monkey bars and stuff. Because even without the goal of Tough Mudder, if I go back to the O Course, I`m going there to be able to do all the obstacles!

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  1. I watched that show last night too. It's pretty inspiration. I think I should go to a park and conquer monkey bars again (and I'm pondering if our gym's playground in the back lawn has monkey bars now.)

    Totally gruesome how that guy dislocated his shoulder and the show didn't even have a paid doctor on scene. Fortunately, a contestant was an ER doctor, saving the day. :D