Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More Races!

I think at the start of the year I said something about not being in as many races.  I know for sure I made a point of avoiding summer races.  I remember the Warrior Dash in mid-July and how unbearably hot it was.  And I recall the Uxbridge Mudnewton and how awful the heat was there too.  I pledged I was going to not race in the summer heat unless completely necessary this year.

I guess, so far I have done three races, the KMs for Care, my own WCP Race Weekend and The O Course.  I was about to type that bit and say I had only done one race, but I might actually be on my way to doing the most races I have ever done in a year.

Dad and I are in a Sprint Triathlon next weekend, and I’ve got Tough Mudder at the end of September and just last night I signed up for Run or Dye in Kingston Ontario!  The run or dye sounds really super fun, and I’ll end up with a cool shirt all dyed and junk when I am done.

These type of things, these races, either the challenge of something like The O Course, knowing I have a chance to win like at KMs for Care, so something just totally for fun like this Run or Dye is what I love being fit and able to all this stuff.

I have still successfully avoided summer races except for the one this coming weekend, but it’s shouldn’t be to bad, paddling, biking and running.  Hopefully it’s a nice day on Sunday!

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