Friday, July 22, 2011

Almost There…

Yesterday at the gym I ran 8 kilometres on the treadmill.  I ran there and not outside because it was insanely hot and humid here and really I’d have to be a lunatic to run outside in this weather.  I’m all for the outdoors and sucking it up and such but there is a line there and I’m not willing to cross it.  This same point even stands for things I enjoy.  Like Paintball, I would not paintball in the weather we’ve been having because I’d either die from the heat because we need long sleeves to avoid poison ivy, or I’d suffocate in the paintball mask because of lack of breathable air.

Oh right the 8km.  So I started running just a couple weeks ago as you may recall and made some pretty nice progress time-wise.  However what I need is distance.  On that first run I only planned to run 2.5km because I was not sure if I could do anything more than that.  I ran 8km yesterday at the gym because that seems like a good target to get me closer to the 10km I have to run in this even I am doing in September (it was also and easy number to do the math to convert miles to kilometres since the treadmills use miles).

I’m happy to say I did run the entire distance, as if I would have let my body tell me when it had had enough, at a pace that was pretty close to my times out running on the streets. An average speed of about 12km/h (the fastest 5.2km I have run so far was at about 13.4km.h) if that’s the pace I keep up I would finish my 10km race in about 50 minutes or so.  But considering I still have six weeks to prepare and Jodi has a cardio workout planned for me I intend to set a shorter time goal than that on race day.

Give me two weeks and decent weather and I’ll be running 10km outside in under 50 minutes.

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