Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Stink at Slo-pitch

Many, far too many years ago I was a pro-star at 3-pitch.  I played in Buckhorn for a few years in a row when I was in grade 7,8, and 9 I think.  Grade 8 for sure, I remember that clearly due to the Stanley Cup finals.

Commonly I would play first base, and be the pitcher for our team.  I could hit the ball too.  Back then you used to be called out if you hit it over the fence in 3-pitch, maybe you still are, if kids even play ball anymore, I did it twice I think.

When I was good

I had thought about playing ball for a couple of summers and just this week finally found someone looking for players in a slo-pitch league on kijiji and replied to the ad.  It’s a fairly similar way to how I started playing hockey, but that’s another story.

I went out to play tonight, and apparently in the first game we played we were against one of the best teams in the league.  Luckily for me the team I was on seems to be all about just having some fun.  I say that because somewhere in the last, oh, 18 years or so I seem to have forgotten how to catch anything.  Which is surprising to me a bit because my goalie skills have not gone nearly that far down hill.

I got on base alright, I never really got a hold of a pitch, but I did make a base 2/3 times at bat, so that’s not too shabby.  It was the fielding that was so, so bad.  The first ball that came my way I nearly had but it was going fast enough to twist it’s way out of my glove.  I make the play well, but just couldn’t hold on to it, fine.  Then I dropped a fly ball, flubbed a grounder that I was charging and bruised my hand trying to snag a drive (that then bounced out of my glove) it still hurts now!

Our second game the other team didn’t have enough players, so they forfeited the actual game, and we played pickup.  I made a few catches there and hit the ball ok again.

I’m hoping to not be so bad next week.

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