Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Flash

I run now, I think three times would include me in the group known as ‘runners’.  A friend asked if I jogged or sprinted, and I thought, neither, I run, it’s in between, fairly self-explanatory.

On Wednesday I ran after work in the ridiculous heat we have right now and was only two seconds faster than the first time.  Today my goal was just to be faster than Wednesday and here I was pretty darn quick.  Today I ran for the third time on my 5.2km route I took 30 seconds off my time since last week!

It took me 23:16 to do the run this time around, but in the end my ankle hurts like mad.  The ankle that I snapped over playing hockey about 10 years ago or so.  Now I did do a little something to it at the gym on Tuesday night hopping over the barrier that you are not supposed to hop over to get to Jodi’s class quicker, but I think that is more of an addition rather than a cause.

So today I bought shoes, actual factual running shoes, not the $30 sneaks I usually buy at Wal-mart.  I bought these:


They cost me as much as I would spend on three pairs of shoes usually!  I hope they make a difference, not so much for speed, but for comfort and no ankle pain.

I also finally bought an Under Armour shirt.  I had thought about it for a while but was, hmmm, insecure about having a super tight shirt on.  But after trying one on last week I couldn’t not buy it.  So soft, comfy and apparently I look pretty good in it according to a couple of people.


Eventually it seems that I may actually be a superhero, all I have to do is save someone.  I am very glad to see my fitness having real world applications though now, not just progress in the gym.  If I have to out run a friend because a bear is chasing us and I want to live, I can totally do that.  If I have to lift a heavy thing that is crushing my kid later on in life I won’t necessarily need that rush of adrenaline that old ladies use when one of their ten cats is trapped.

All I need is a red shirt with a lighting bolt on it!


Oh wait, I have that!

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  1. Haha you make me laugh, and smile, and swoon. Damn you look good in that under armour shirt. Watching you jump up and do pull-ups the other day made walking fast on the treadmill quite enjoyable. Amber