Thursday, July 7, 2011

What I Like

I'm at my new job and everyone is adjusting.  Some to new routines, some to new faces, and some to new tasks and gaining a knowledge of the lay of the land, and some to everything at once.

I like bright smiles and moments where you can see the light bulbs flashing with ideas and thoughts.  It's exciting and entertaining.  I hope the skills of bringing out these bursts of interest and focused enthusiasm become easier to access.  I like when the day goes relatively smoothly.

I like that I get to wear whatever shirts I want.  So far I have worn three superhero shirts to work this week! This is something that I could not have possibly done at my old job.  Clearly I am pleased by very simple things.

I like the drive out here, up until now all my work driving has been about five minutes from my house to downtown, but driving the roads from home to Ennismore is easy, passive and calming both on the ride to and from work.

I like that my hands will never be sunburnt, though I still hate sunscreen!

I like the children and the people I work with.  So far, a great week! 

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