Thursday, July 21, 2011

Injuries Part III

Should one person really have the material for three injuries posts in a blog?  If your living life to the fullest, yes!

Check out Part I and Part II!

The Other Knee
Back in 2002 I think it was I lived in an apartment over on Barnardo St. Just a little ways north of us was a church school or some such and on their property was a hill.  It was the kind of hill that goes flat about half way down, but also increased in steepness as you went along their property.  So at one end it was a death defying plummet towards a thicket with a high probability of a jump part way down, and as you approached the other end it was a fairly tame hill with and nice little whoosh in the middle to give a sled ride a little more character.

I took my soon to be step-daughter (soon after to be ex-stepdaughter or however that goes) sledding one day on this hill.  We started at the large end and she was scared to go down.  So, in my wisdom I said ‘It’s fine! I’ll show you.’  And so down I went.  That ‘probably to catch air’ half way down turned out to be a certainty and I flew off the sled landing awkwardly and twisting my knee all up.  Of course I had to pretend I was fine and continue sledding for about another hour.  We did so on the tame end of the hill.

The Spider Bite

Also while living on Baranardo I was bitten one night by a spider, unfortunately it was not radioactive.  At first I thought it was an ingrown hair or something that would just clear up on it’s own.  Eventually my forearm swelled by about 50% and my boss at the gas station told me I had to go to the hospital.  The doctor put heat on the area then lanced the bit of puss ball that swelled up and then left me.  Of course then I had to squeeze it, and make all the goop come out.  It was gross, but awesome at the same time.  I was occupied with that the entire time I was waiting for the nurse.  I then had to get an I.V. of antibiotics three nights in a row and then take home huge antibiotic pills to take for the next ten days!

Bike Wipeout In Toronto

I went to University of Toronto for a few months in the fall of 1998.  To get around I had my bike and I would frequently ride up to the mall near the Erindale campus because I hated being at the residence, my roommates sucked! So I was riding back from the mall and decided I would take a shortcut across the grass and ride over a sewer lid.  Problem was that the sewer lid was up on like a concrete spire with a big ditch and long grass cut even with the lid.  My tire hit and bent right over and I pitched clear over the handle bars and landed right at the edge of Mississauga Rd.  I wasn’t that hurt, but my front wheel was ruined and I was nearly run over after I hit the ground.

It’s amazing I’m alive.

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