Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Career Decisions

A friend of mine recently questioned some decisions they had made involving their career, I think everyone has, and if you haven't yet, you will.  How can you not?  When you go to the same place to work each day there are going to be things you like and things you don't like.  If the ' don't likes' outweigh the ' likes', start searching the want ads.

My career has gone in many directions since before I even left highschool.  Originally I had wanted to be a teacher, when I saw my dad become a bit displeased with his job due to changes from the government I decided I was going to go into computers.  I went to University of Toronto for a while to become a programmer, that didn't pan out, so I went to Flemimg to become a computer support guy.

I got a job at one computer place supporting the libraries of Ontario, when that looked like it was going under, I got hired with CIP. My computer career had begun.  After only just over a year I was offered a job with a larger company for more money.  And herein was my first career decision, do I go for more money, but more responsibility and traveling, or stick with the place I know and the companionship of workmates I like.

I chose to stay.  Financially it might not have been the best decision, but it has resulted in a friendship that will last a lifetime.

I have since been layed off from that job.  I tried working at one other computer place but was miserable so career decision #2 came and I decided to go into ECE, returning to school has netted me more friendships that will last a long time and has me in a career that I have been enjoying almost every second of!  A huge part of that enjoyablity had been the places I have worked and the people I have worked with.  I am confident that my new workplace wil be one that satisfys me again, just as working with friends did.

Once you begin a career, you are hopfully in it for a long term commitment, some decisions must be purely business, but the most important ones are about how much you enjoy your work. 

Be happy in your work!


  1. Well said Chris :)

  2. Lets hope things work out Chris, I have a friend who has been through and back to school many times to find the 2nd or third career.

    Sadly she would be in the job she likes, for 6-8 months get bored ore tired of it then she will go back to school.

    Everyone has bad days, its how you treat them that separates you from the others in your field.