Friday, January 25, 2013

A Day Of Rest

Friday, for the moment has become my resting day.  I still have to go to work and all that, but I don’t do anything gymmy.  I could run or bike I suppose, but for the moment since it’s so close in Ontario at the moment I will not be doing that. 

The reasoning is actually very simple.  Tomorrow I will be doing bench press, and I want my muscles to be as untired as possible.  So far this week I have done 2000 push ups, I think they need a break.

It’s a great thing to be fit and then require yourself to take a break from doing fitness stuff!  I was reminded of this as I walked out of a grocery store mid week with a cake and a G2 gatoraide.  Someone that knew of my whole fitness journey said ‘hey, your not supposed to eat that anymore’  or something like that.  While of course it’s true that one should not eat an entire cake as their lunch (though I did used to eat McCain chocolate pies for dinner once in a while) I totally can eat what I want when I want.

So today I will actively do nothing exercise related, my body will get a break, and tomorrow, I’ll be at the gym, working out, then doing karate, then doing push ups while I’m at home then playing hockey.  I look forward to that.  There was a point where I would see that schedule and thing ‘Ugh, so much to do!’  now I’m more apt to look back at days where I have had to miss those things (like last Saturday) and think ‘Ugh, I wish I could have fit in the gym somewhere’.

By the time I had earned my days off from fitness, I didn’t really want or need them anymore.  If I wasn’t going for new highs in bench press at the gym, I wouldn’t be taking one today.  But, I’ve earned it, so I’ll take it anyways…  I guess.

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