Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week 1 Check In and Other Adventures

Back on new years day I made a few goals for myself and I thought that maybe I’d let you all in on how they are going.  You will notice a thing over on the side here to the right that has a count of how many push ups I have done so far, which will get updated hopefully each week, along with the Kilometres I have travelled.  For this first update I’ll put it right here though too.

I’m including Sunday as the end of a week since we had a big discussion in high school once about whether Sunday was the end of one week or the start of another.  I sided with the Sunday is the end of a week since it is part of the ‘weekend’.

As for the push ups I made a point this week of doing far more than the minimum required.  Thanks to having a holiday Tuesday on new years day and a good day yesterday I completed 1600 push ups this week.  The minimum average to meet the 50,000 goal is under 1000 (962 to be exact, well 961.5385).

Distance, I actually did the minimum average of 40k and then a wee bit more thanks to an ambitious 10k run this morning.  I say ambitious for a few reasons.  I have not run more than 7k since October, I played hockey last night, and biked 10k yesterday morning (on the spin bike).  So my legs were a bit sore to begin with, but I made it.


I scored last night at hockey, catching up to and passing 3 opposing players from our blue line to their net in order to make it and chip in the goal.  This puts this years goal total at 8, tying my number of goals for the whole season last year!

I went and saw The Hobbit with my friend Rob who I haven’t seen probably since the summer of 1992 or 93!  Twenty years!  And it was like we had just hung out a few weeks ago.  That’s what makes the mark of truly great friends, and genuine people as well.  We are the same people, just 20 years on.  It was awesome and I really hope to see him again soon, not 20 years from now!

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