Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Putting The Team Together

I have signed up for the Tough Mudder on September 29th in Barrie Ontario.  This is a race where I have to set aside my desire to dash ahead and instead work with a team in order to complete the course.

It will be a nice change I think, not to be driven by speed, to not have to get the best time ever for the course.  I’ll be able to run with some friends, take some pictures, do amazing things and feel a whole different feeling of satisfaction at the end.

So far the team consists of two ladies I met running at Run For Your Lives last year, a friend of theirs, my super fit massage therapist Sarah, hopefully my trainer and one of the girls from work and maybe a few others.  I’m hoping to get a little more muscle in on the action for some of the more physical challenges where people will need a hand getting up and over something.

Just watching the video I’m made aware of some of the limitations I have, my shoulder has not responded well to things like monkey bars ever since I separated it back in 2006.

If you live in the Toronto area, or at least within driving distance of Barrie Ontario and are a regular reader and want to do something awesome this fall, like this:

Shoot me an email! chrisbarnes47@gmail.com

I’m not necessarily trying to put together a group of Earths mightiest heroes, or even a Justice League, just some ambitious folks that want to do something that will put them to the test, people that are will to go all out and lay the cards on the table to see what they can do with the support of a great team.



  1. I LOVE that you guys are doing this!!! I am actually pretty close to T.O. but am admittedly really intimidated by the tough mudder. I have a hard enough time thinking about letting myself down, never mind a team!! Yet, I still can't help but feel a little itch...

  2. you've got like 8 months to prepare... :)

    1. I fear I'd need a lifetime :) I'm training for a half in May so my endurance would be up. That's about all I can promise. I'm thinking about it. I have three more days until the fees go up. Sarah's pictures of her arms on my fitness pal have me intimidated. I have no upper body strength. Maybe if I lose some weight, you can just throw me over the obstacles? ha!

    2. Don't be intimidated by others! If you can run a 1/2 then you can do this for sure it's only like 11 miles and you have to stop and wait at the obstacles I hear. Hurry up and wait type of thing. As for the upper body strength, I know that some of the things are going to give me trouble due to old injuries, to the point where I simply won't be able to do them (unless I focus on monkey bars all summer long, hmmm...). I don't think the point is to be able to do them all anyways, but to be able to do most and have a blast doing it!

    3. hmm email me the details on the team and how to sign up. You'll know by the end of the day tomorrow whether I did :)

  3. I'm moving to barrie next week, but I definitely don't think I'm ready for a Tough Mudder ha.
    Where in Barrie are they having it? or is to closer to the Oro area?

  4. Its at mt. St. Louis so moonstone area