Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Master Of The Treadmill

The treadmill and I are not friends.  I don’t really like running on the treadmill for more than about 25 minutes, but when it’s –20C outside I have little choice.  It has been bitterly cold here and since we live near the lake it has been pretty windy too.  So yesterday I went to the gym to run.

My plan was to do at least 10K.  At least that is what I kept telling myself.  But how can I run just 10K when I am trying to build up to running a 1/2 marathon and the last time I was on the treadmill I ran 12K?

I set a pace of 7.7mph as ran.  I really quite enjoyed my run for the first 6K or so.  I was breathing well, my body felt good, it was everything running is supposed to be.  When I got to about 8K it started to become much less enjoyable.  I was getting really hot, and my right ankle started to twinge a bit as I ran.  I made it to 10K and told myself ‘Just 5 more laps’, that would get me to 12K.  I should have stopped.  My ankle was hurting with each step and I was fading pretty quick, running after work is not really my idea of a good time, but things must be done!

I got closer to 12K and just decided that I was going to run 14K, and screw what my body was trying to tell me.  I’m in charge and I can do whatever I set out to do.  The last five laps were painful, not only for my ankle, but mentally.  I was counting half laps, I was trying not to look at the information and just watch the gym.  I was alternately looking with despair at what I had left to go and gritting my teeth and pushing forward.

The final lap (400m/ .25 miles) I upped the pace to 8.0 mph and lengthened my stride running just that bit faster at the end of a 1:07:48 run!

The treadmill is a slave, and I am it’s Master! 

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