Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Drawing pictures is actually a big part of my job, especially of late.  There is one kid at daycare that is forever asking for pictures of Spiderman.  I draw at least one a day.  Usually I draw between three and five pictures at day care each day I would say.  I like it.  It gives me a bit of a break from asking kids to stop jumping off the couch because they come watch me draw.  I used to be just as fascinated when I would watch my dad draw something I had asked him to.

Since I have been doing so much drawing recently I thought it might be a good idea to get another book and add some tools to my drawing skills.  I read a lot of comic books, or ‘graphic novels’ if you will, and I would LOVE to be able to try like some of those artists.  It really is an an amazing skill.

Feast your eyes!


Cliff Chaing


Francis Manapul


Jim Lee


Greg Capullo


Very different styles, all awesome and of course the inking and colouring helps too.  Usually the inking and colouring are done by separate people from the artist, I believe.  Colouring for sure.

So with my new book here are some of the attempts I have made.  Some of my older drawings can be found here, some really old ones here, and sort of how I draw here.  The basic how I draw has not changed, but some of the thinking and final steps has.

20130127_19534320130127_21192220130127_22324820130127_223254the flash coloured20130127_22340920130127_22345320130128_15081620130128_15083320130129_06311520130129_06313220130129_063205

That’s all just since Sunday night.  A little more dramatic than my usual I would say, and a couple of side self portraits there too.

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