Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pushing It

This week has been a hard one workout wise.  Because last week was so lacklustre I thought that it would be good to catch up this week and get my goals on track again.  It takes a lot of work to do at least 50,000 push ups in a year and to travel 2000km by bike and running while at the same time doing strength training and trying to get in workouts where I run long distances in preparation for doing a 1/2 marathon.

So early in the week I took it upon myself to run 14k on the treadmill as mentioned here.  Yesterday I did 1000 push ups in one day!  I mentioned on another blog in a comment that it might have been smarter for me to set a daily goal rather than a year long one for push ups as then there would be less tendency for me to go way over that amount.

Today I ran 16k on the treadmill.  Again I found it not too bad up until the last few laps.  My same ankle was hurting a bit, but after playing hockey the night before I was pretty impressed.  I even upped the speed on the last lap out of 40, from 7.5mph to 8.5.  I was pleased to see I had the energy for that last push.  My legs are already mad at me over that however.

I think I need like a personal live in masseuse, so that when I get home from doing these fitness things I could just get a massage right away.

Oh and I bench 235 yesterday, just 5 more pounds than last week, but I figure that is how I’m going to progress at this just a few pounds at a time.  I want to say my new goal would be 3 plates, so 135lbs on each side of the bar, plus the bar 315 in all, but even for me to set a goal like that seems insane.

Also I was accused (gasp!) of showing off my chest because I posted that picture of the pick mark both on here and on Facebook. I typically am a bit wary of posting my own fitnessy type pictures, like muscles and all that, so I tend to avoid it unless I have something cool like a bruise to show off. 

Like This:


That was before Christmas, nice huh?

Anyways, yeah, good talk.  Any Questions?

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