Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals for 2013

[Bonus material – Goals for 2012 and did I succeed? Check in the comments]

I am not typically a new years resolution type of person as I mentioned yesterday in my Friend Making Monday post.  However this seems like as good a time as any to set some goals, especially long reaching ones.

I spent the last few days mulling over a few things and wondering how and if some things were actually possible before I went around stating them as things I was going to do in the new year.

My Goals for 2013

Some of these goals may get modified in a upward fashion once the year gets on it’s way, in which case the goal stated here may become the Silver mark or something while I move on to achieve Gold or Platinum (most games these days have Platinum or Diamond as the actual mark of ‘Best’ while Gold is just ‘Really Good’).

- 50,000 pushups 

Just under 1000 a week, totally doable.  When I was conjuring this one up I was like, what if I did a million!  Then I realized that idea was insane and thought about 100,000 – doable, but at an average of almost 300 a day setting up for failure.  So I have set my sights on 50,000 pushups.

Can it be done: Very Plausible.

Run/Bike 2000km

It turns out that in 2012 I ran a total of 703.64km and biked 890.84 for a total of 1594.48km.  Not too shabby at all!  My stated goal at the start of the year was 1200, which then got changed to 1500.  This year I figure I can do more, especially if I am going to train for and do a 1/2 marathon.  That should really turn up the running distance early on and set a higher ‘I’m just going for a run’ distance mark than 5km. 

Can it be done: Ambitious, but doable.

Bench Press at least 230lbs.

This one has been building for a while.  Once Jodi put me on this new strength program almost two months ago I said I wanted to bench press my current weight.  Once I was able to do that I wanted to do my old weight.  On Sunday I benched 205 as my six rep max (I failed at #5 though, so it’ll be the same weight again next time I’m at the gym).  I’ve discovered that the squat rack works really well at these weights since I can have the hooks at a good height for getting the bar started and ending while I can put the safety bars just above myself so I don’t get crushed if I can’t lift the thing.  I hate asking for a spotter. 

Can it be done: This one is not as ambitious as the others since it’s only 25 more pounds, but it’s a goal I can reach earlier on in the year.

Complete a 1/2 marathon.

This is one that I have been planning for a couple months so far, but I have not actually begun training for it.  I set up the idea of the Race at Your Own Place, because I wanted to do a 1/2 marathon race on my own terms, at my own start time and all that.  Who says you have to pay money to run in a race?

Can it be done: It’s more than doable the distance I have ever run at once, but I think it’s plausible, even if it might be boring after over and hour of running.

Complete a Try-a-tri.

I say try-a-tri basically because I think I would drown doing the whole swimming distance of a local full triathlon.  So a try-a-tri it is.  This goal is easy to meet, just pay the entry fee and show up.  We all know it won’t be that simple for me though.  I want to compete!  Barriers for that include my bike though.  A mountain bike will not allow me to compete with road bike folks, so I might have to fork out some cash, or try to borrow one.  If there are any rich folks out there looking to sponsor a racer, I’m your man! (For Serious).

Can it be done: Entering is easy, competing is hard!

I think that’s about it.  Five goals seems like a good number for the moment.  I may come up with some new ones along the way, or monthly goals or something.  I think that it’s important to note a couple of things about these goals.  I have control over every outcome.  the push ups and the running/biking goal is simply about putting in the time.  The bench press goal I have to consistently put in the effort.  and the race goals say nothing about how I finish, just weather I do them or not.

It’s important to set goals that you have control over the outcome.  If I was to set a goal of ‘maintain my current weight’ that might be a foolish thing to do since I’ll be adding muscle in the process of weightlifting.  When I was a big fella I never set a goal of lose x pounds, or lose so many pounds in a month or year or anything, I just worked until I felt I had lost enough.

What are your goals for 2013?  Are you making goals that you have control over?  Are you setting a variety of types?  Some that will be easy, some that will take time?  Set yourself up for success and link you with your goals in the comments!


  1. I am with you on one or two!

    Happy 2013 - here is my goals - http://fatguywinning.blogspot.com/2013/01/goals-for-2013.html

  2. Great goals! And yes, they are also SMART. Today's 1 day challenge is to create the PLAN to accomplish the GOALS. But not just any plan - today's challenge is to create a MACRO (long-term) plan ie: when you will do your half and when you will do your try-a-tri, and then the MICRO (weekly/daily) plans to that will progress you towards those goals. I really like what you said about the outcome of the goal being controllable by YOU. I totally agree that losing weight is a horrendous goal because you have no real control on that outcome - there are far too many factors at play for you to control. That said, you can control how often you workout, how hard you workout, how much you eat, and what you eat, and those are much better goals. Great job Chris and enjoy the journey!