Monday, January 21, 2013

Friend Making Monday - Just some things

There is no 'official'  Friend Making Monday post from All The Weigh, so I thought I would do my own.  I'm not trying to take the lead on this or anything, but just seems like a good thing to have here on a Monday.  So leave a comment and a link below and while Kenlie is dealing with some things, we'll keep the ball rolling.

Just Some Things

Middle Name?

What's one phrase you remember your mom or dad saying to you clearly and often?
"Hands in your pockets" whenever we were in Zellers (like K-Mart) my mom would say this.  I think this was to keep me from bringing her every toy there was asking if I could have it.

Two cats.  Dr. Talia Applesauce and (Richard) Grayson.  Both are just about a year old they love to chase each other around.

If you could do only one workout, what would it be?
I think biking.  Running is a bit more 'all-season' but for longer amounts of time I find biking more enjoyable.

Do you have a mentor, or at least someone you look up to?
I have several actually.  My Dad for sure, Alf and Pete a karate are also two fellows that I know I can follow their example.

If you could have one Superpower what would it be?
The obvious choice here is a Green Lantern ring, with it you can do nearly anything!  But, I think super speed would be my choice.  Flying would be handy, but when you can run as fast as the Flash you can run on water anyways, and then you can do all sorts of things really fast, like the dishes.

Do you have a talent?
I actually would not consider myself all that talented naturally.  I can draw, but it takes practice for me, and I have friends that draw way better.  I can play a bit of guitar, but again, I find it very difficult to learn new songs and stuff.  I have skills more than I have talents.

Ok, that's it.  I'm out of lunch break time.  So that's all you get. Leave a comment and don't forget to share with others!


  1. Thanks for taking over this week!

  2. Thanks Chris for this, it's not a Monday without FMM!

  3. Love your comment about skills vs. talents. I'm a lot like that, too. And your cats' names are awesome!