Thursday, October 25, 2012

Achievement Unlocked–The Extra Mile

(Add at least an extra 300k to the original distance goal set for the year)

Today was a B-E-A-U-tiful day! And so I came home from work and got on my bike.  Thankfully Amber was on her way home from town and called me and I got her to pick up some of the things I needed from in town for work’s open house which allowed me this time during such a nice afternoon.

I headed out, up the trail and through the edge of town On Cumberland drive I actually averaged about 37 Km/h (23 mph) over that 2K span.  It was a 19k ride overall and with that amount I have ridden my bike over 890k and ran over 615k.

Originally I had set out this year to run and/or bike 1200k.  I met that goal on the labour day weekend at the start of September.  Over the last two months I have added 300k to reach the new year long goal of 1500k (932 miles).

how far I have run

That distance would have got me from home, to the East coast (Sacksville, NB)

Or from here to Dentsville SC

how far I have run 2

It felt really good to get this wrapped up before the end of October and with a bike ride since I had not been on my bike in almost an entire month.  Next year I think I’ll try for 2000k but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

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