Sunday, October 7, 2012

Someone Call The Cops!

I was robbed!

So there I was, just to the left side of the slot, Mark fed the puck across to me, I one-timed it.  Somehow the opposing goalie slide across stretched out and saved it.  The rebound came back, I corralled it.  I had the whole top half of the net, and all week to shoot the puck.  I fired it, it was headed to the top corner, and snared!  Somehow, the goalie reached up and snagged it right out of the air while he was flopping on the ice like a fish out of water. That unbelievable sequence was only a pair out of five or six mind blowing saves he made against me last night.

I did end up with an assist in our game, and then I played for Ferndale and scored a goal and two assists.

In our game both teams were a little short handed and so we played 4 on 4, it made for a lot of hard skating.  I loved it!

Something that does suck is going to the gym the day after and doing things like leg raises and scissor legs.  Man that hurt.  But that is the reward for skating for two hours less then 12 hours earlier.

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